Broken Spirits to Breaking Records on Mount Kilimanjaro

From Broken spirits to breaking records, I will embark on an amazing journey in a few weeks...

I'm climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and i'll be filming the whole process. I'll be with a team of strong and willing personalities, most of whom are ex-servicemen but all being heroes with their own story to tell. It will be a great test not only for me, but James Rose, a double amputee with double heart and determination! "We have been creating an awareness on physical disabilities..what you can see and what is hidden, mental health including PTSD and depression, creating a voice for those that live with someone suffering and breaking a record by showing that a double amputee can reach the top unaided!" - Mel Young

James Rose will be the first double amputee to climb Mount Kilimanjaro unaided and it is going to be a thing to witness. This is for awareness for Mental health and PTSD with donations being split between Help for Heroes and The Royal British Legion.

Check out the short documentary here!

Click here for more info

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