Molestation was part of my Tradition (VIDEO)

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

I have these conversations with people and most of the time I have no idea what to expect from them. This one was no different.

When I sat down with Sachin I assumed we will discuss the normal, right? Humanity, mindfulness, mental health, being a better person, eating avocados and all that shit and it was pretty much going that way for the first few moments. Then boom, he it.. 'I was molested'.

It was in mid conversation, and he was also going on to explain how drink and drugs was becoming a staple numbing agent. I'm thinking 'Ok, i'll let you speak... lets just let it flow naturally...'

Sachin took me a disturbing, yet vivid perspective on his upbringing, his views on traditions and living in an Indian community (from his view), sexual abuse and mental health and it was one of the most thought provoking but enlightening conversations i've ever had in my life!

Thanks Sachin for being so open with this. This is more than content, this is reality.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


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